Thick Scarves shipping was very fast for kid too

It really is even prettier than in the picture,so many beautiful colours.I love how big is it — so many choices to tie it and because it isn’t too thick,it beautifully drapes,and is so feminine.It’s so soft,and it offers warmth if necessary without having to be hot.I have already been playing with it all afternoon,tying the ends,making a triangle,tucking in the ends,making an oblong,tying a knot in the guts,criss-crossing,and much much more.This is an exquisite scarf,the colors are so so pretty,and the fabric is merely luscious.I am SO happy with it.And I’m getting more!! Highly recommended.

When they received by me to my bridesmaids within their gifts,they cannot stop running their fingertips over them and stating how amazing they felt about.Among my bridesmaids even said that I have to possess splurged for a silk/wool mix! I did inform them the truth that these were a discount on Amazon and had no fancy fabric content.The burgundy was bought by me color which looked beautiful with the plum dresses.

This is a really pretty scarf, and the fabric is nice and soft…but there exists a lot of it.It’s real pouffy.Unfortunately,I am short and small boned,with a pixie slice.So I was overwhelmed by this scarf.I tried very difficult to create it work,because it offers such great colors in it that it could go with so many different tops.This is exactly the one item that will turn a plain solid tee and slacks into an eyecatching outfit,so it had been after much trying and with great regret that I parted with it.

The scarf is gorgeous.Such quite colors and great quality.I recommend definitely.The only thing is that it has a funny smell.Like chemical substances.Uncertain how to clarify but nothing that a very good wash can’t fix.Would order again definitely.Colours of the scarf were vibrant and the material was very quality.Wore it all wintertime and received numerous compliments whenever I wore it.May buy in even more colors next winter.

This is a pleasant pashmina and the very useful ivory is simply as pictured.The weight of the fabric drapes nicely in fact it is heavy enough the serve as a warm shawl for a Texas fall and winter.I pressed it on a minimal setting and the wrinkles came out easily.

It feels soft and warm. It looks very pretty also.The only issue is that the colors aren’t as bright as they look.The red isn’t as bright,nonetheless it was most likely the lighting in the picture that made it look different just.Overall,it’s an excellent product and I use it daily.

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