The Watch numbers and the comfortable to wear

I am composing this review after getting the Fanmis Men’s watch and using it everyday since 2015.Not just that, at the time this view was an increase item and We purchased it for only $3 plus some change.I am here to tell you that this watch has been amazing!Helps to keep good period, looks great (I get compliments about how exactly nice it really is) it’s not only very functional, the band is well-crafted and very comfortable.

Looking for a silver color watch that’s simple, easy to read dial and finally easy on the pocket. This watch properly fits the description! The dial is simple and big enough that my 55 years old father can easily tell the time.It’s also not heavy in comparison to his previous seiko view.He said It’s as if not wearing a watch and he wants it!

The watch looks much better in person, and the expansion band was a relief from the usual clasp watches use actually.I do have very small arms, so although the watch technically fits, I would still prefer to truly have a watch-smith shorten the band just ever so slightly.The relative back lit light is a very great feature to have.I was surprised to find a few of the other, more costly watches We was looking not featuring this.

It really does have a compass on it and changes 4 different colors thus when he works night time shift he can in fact see the amount of time in the dark.(Phones are prohibited) it has a stopwatch on it too.Still tinkering with it but manual says everything.Nice quality, elegant & we really did try the waterproof feature!?

Shows you enough time in hours, minutes, and seconds.Teaches you your day of the week. Shows you the year, month, and date.Looked after displays if it’s am or pm.The view is 100m water evidence, but I’ve never tested that so I wouldn’t know.It has 12 hour and 24 hour period, and a led light that stays on for approximately two seconds.In addition, it comes with an alarm with snooze, a stop watch, and some other activities that I don’t know what it is.Overall this watch is a superb watch that I use all full day time long except when We’m in the shower.

Been using it for over a week and it encourages me to become more active and defeat my steps from your day before.Battery lifestyle is excellent and lasts.Easy to charge.The application was simple to download.You need to have your location on on your phone for it to sync.It’s great to monitor my heartrate.You can track jogging also, and biking.

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