Looking for Fantastic Earrings for a delightful surprise

I’ve admired the Tree of Existence pendants for some time now, glad I got around to ordering finally.The pendant is 2 inches in diameter, larger than I expected.The chain is 32 inches (hangs down 16 inches)The second chain (surprise!) is 20 inches (hangs 10 in .) lengthy and a finer link than the much longer chain.Both chains are a copper color – uncommon, but I love it.It appears like some of the stones could be drilled a little too close to the edge and so may break off if bumped hard or caught on something.

The 1 carat may be the perfect size for me personally.I needed them as a 2nd occur my ear.I wear real gemstone hoops in the very first piercing and needed something to move with them.So glad I ordered these.They look real and they are not too big or too small.I must say i can’t overcome how sparkly they are.They do look real.

Even the tiny card it’s mounted on is unbecoming of the actual item.It’s a unique problem to possess, as it’s almost always the other method around!The merchandise is much better compared to the packaging!!!But I believe the person I purchased this for will like it. I will need to completely redo everything, in order to make this not really appear to be trash, but that’s okay, I guess.It’s an extremely nice piece that I would not mind wearing myself.

Ideal for sensitive ears and simply remembered to show her not to wear them in the shower after a month and that is when she noticed them being truly a little foggy (rather than real..lol).Other than getting cleaned about the standard they are ideal!Would buy again.When compared to actual diamonds it’s tough to show when both are cleaned well.

The pearls are uniform and it is specifically what it was being hoped by me would be. No complaints are acquired by me about the necklace, but I was a little disappointed in the package it came in.The necklace’s box comes with an insert which has two raised clasps to carry the necklace set up.For that I received, that insert was warped fairly badly and doesn’t sit flat in the package.However this does not impact the necklace at almost all so my wife and I didn’t really mind.

I can’t wear anything below sterling silver.These earrings have not irritated my ear at all.The posts in the trunk are kind of very long but even they still don’t bother me while I am sleeping.They are excellent earrings for the price and can be worn for any occasion.I wear mines for daily wear.

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