I can say i love this hats really

Either way these hats modify and look /feel great easily….affordable price too. For individuals who sweat like me end up being proactive and clean the hat lightly in a solution of tepid to warm water with amonia (mild answer), and work the head band. This gets rid of the oils that can stain and additional sweat substances that in some males will litteraly like bleach remove fabric coloring…..try not to let sweat dry on fabric , wash areas or whole hat by surroundings and hand dry. This pertains to all cotton or synthetic headware fabric…hardly ever quality wool.

While I am no fashionista, I also am not an old codger who no cares what they look like longer, and this purchase has been one of the best daily/regular use types I’ve available, and as of this price even a slow decision maker like myself didn’t take long, if I correctly recall. I would recommend this purchase highly.

Insufficient to bother me even though, like I said, I don’t wear it frequently or for too much time. But I love ways to tighten almost as limited as you need, and the strap just pulls through the back. And as far as some other reviewers saying it was too short, like it didn’t come down far enough to their ears, I don’t have this issue. For reference though, I’m a very petite female.

I actually occasionally wear baseball caps to keep the sun from my face. That is a nice cap. All cotton, which I prefer, and it’s plain, without designs or logos. What I was looking for just. I have kind of a large head, but it still matches and is adjustable. Love the light yellow color. I might order a different color as of this low price.

The hat offers a certain panache. It simply looks cool. It is profile and understated low.It’s a lot of hat your money can buy. Because it’s manufactured from cotton therefore well put together, you’ll expect to pay more for this hat. (Why do some colours cost more?)As a final testament to the hat I have just order two more in different colors.

We was surprised at how “deep” this hat sits on my head. I love it, its a perfect fit, to be a “father hat”. I normally wear a size L/XL in a Flexfit hat (simply for comparison). My only complaint about the hat is the buckle in the back seems kinda weak. Easy to pop open when adjusting it. But nonetheless the hat sits on your own head when its clamped straight down securely. Overall, pretty decent hat for $6 .

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