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Lastly, the material which I mentioned earlier, feels sound and fantastic. I love the softness without the weakness that fabric looks to end up being as I am just a little brutal on my hand bags. Over-all, I think that was well worth the money I paid for it and I would suggest this bad a million times over.

This is a lovely handbag truly! The leather is gentle. The bag opens up with therefore much space concerning hold all that one would like to keep within. There is certainly one slim zippered divider that i find very nice because it does not compromise the total space the bag allows within, yet does allow for a few little what to be held within. There are two inside pockets which are very sturdy. The handle is quite secure and just the right weight. It will sit upright even though full. This is an extremely well-made handbag truly. And gorgeous!

I do agree with others that the straps could be a little short, but after every buckle was moved by me to the last hole, it seems to be fine just.The inner pockets are great, they are set a little lower in the bag due to the zipper, but that works well. Nice touch with the main element clip as well.

The purse has lots of pockets for organization and it is really soft. I ordered the burgundy and coffee and love them both! If you are looking for a purse that holds its shape when it is set by you down,this won’t be for you.because it is absolutely soft,it doesn’t hold it’s shape at all,but that was ok with me. I love everything about it..the softness,the roominess,and the pockets,and the front pocket that holds my phone rather than of throwing it in the bag.

It is a very soft leather-type material. I really do not like leather purses typically, but I do like this material since it is smooth and does not ruin easily. I was even in a position to wash the purse out when some method spilled inside. I just hand washed it and it held up which I was concerned that it could not.What I really do not like: nothing at all, This purse is loved by me.

The purse itself was included with the sellers name on a card even, that was attached with a string, along with another card with directions on how to take care of the purse. Also in the purse was another cards thanking me for purchasing their item. Almost as if I purchased it at a division store, rather than from Amazon.

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