Great View does everything I want

I’m a crisis department nurse.I needed a functional nice looking watch that I didn’t have to spend quite a bit on, especially in the environment I work.I had a Fitbit surge prior to this but found it uncomfortable on the top of my wrist when charting rather than utilized the info it gave me.

In age cramming a lot more technology into smaller deals that often put on your body, this lovely watch is refreshing.Everything you need is upon the main screen, and simple to read.You don’t need to push a supplementary button to start to see the day of the week or the day, it’s all right there.Ideal for the working adults who does not want to send texts on their watch.

The view is a bit smaller than my old one and I had to get used to that and it’s really lighter too.On the plus part, it has the full date, time on leading (Which includes year, day of month, day of week, hours, a few minutes, and seconds.).It comes with an hourly chime, a stopwatch, and an alarm function that allows setting the alarm in several different ways.

After reading the other reviews I actually was concerned abut the accuracy of its timekeeping but We track it every day and it is keeping accurate time.I like how big is the numerals on the facial skin of the watch…..even without my glasses I could go through the watch and discover what time it is….very useful in bicycle riding…and the illumination feature works great during the night (also continues to help in having larger size numerals).

It makes me question why Casio does not place this same kind of display on the majority of the G-Shocks.That is essentially the most readable digital display in my line-up of digital watches.We wonder if the display upon this watch is indeed bright and clear since the dial isn’t recessed like G-Shocks.

The only problem that I see is that when viewed from an angle the view reports the time as 88:88.Common among these kinds of watches is my understanding.It’s Okay I could move my wrist just a little and see what time it is.It is extremely large so may not be the best choice for someone small or with small limbs.I am quite average in size and height(a guy) and it functions and looks just fine on me.

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