Great stylish caps

Nice simple deep crimson (maroon) colored cap. I have already been shopping for caps and desired a red one. However, I couldn’t discover this color any place in stores and ended up buying another cap which was too bright. This red is a complete lot more subtle. I should’ve checked Amazon prior to making a non-refundable purchase. Lesson learned! That is also a very nice fit, adjustable also fully. You can’t fail for the price.

I’ve bought 9 or 10 of the hats. Very happy that they recently come in more colors. My initial 3 lasted maybe more than half a year, but I was putting them in the washing machine to completely clean them (and air flow dry). The fake velcro doesn’t endure the check of the washing machine for whatever reason. My last however many hats I’ve hands washed every make use of and they are holding up fine up to now. Perfect match for my noggin

It had been shipped in a flat and needed a little treatment in reshaping the crown. I sprayed a little drinking water from my wife’s plant mist sprayer, reshaped by placing a wad of newspaper in the cap while looks and drying great for wearing. I also needed a low profile cap with a curved costs versus a platypus style duck bill. I’m not really a rapper; I’m old school!

Exceptional hat for the price. My fit wouldn’t i want to tuck the surplus strap in to the side grommet so I doubled it back again over the buckle. It works out nicely. The construction is great and the hat feels durable enough to be a day to day go to from working on vehicles to hikes. No need to be valuable with it. The just defect I’ve noticed was an errant thread on the brim. The army styling provides it a far more formal and mature; yet still blue collar feel a normal baseball cap can’t match.

I’ve always worn a cap, and like anyone would you if you have that cap you truly like, when it’s finally exhausted you hate the procedure of trying to displace it. My last cap was well past retirement, because I dreaded the prospect of acquiring another to match me.

Love caps that are thus comfortable and soft, so caps would provide me personally a headache, not that one. I love the Velcro always! So simple to get the right fit! It washes well. I put it in the washer then allow it air dry so that it won’t fade over time. The hat was got by me in dark, and it’s just about the same black as any other clothing, so if you are worried the black version may be a light gray due to the pictures, you can stop worrying.

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