Colorful Caps online for men

I’m still uncertain if I’m unquestionably thrilled with the triangular gap that shows through on both sides above the ear – this could lead to some interesting tan lines for us shaved-headed folks – however they fit great and these are made of a nice and light materials for the warmer weather.

I have a big head. By my rough estimate, I have somewhere between a 7 3/4 and 8 hat size (by rough estimate, I mean wrapping a USB wire around my head, so, you know, I could be off). I also don’t like tight hats (they give me headaches). Many hats in stores don’t fit. I’ve purchased several hats from Amazon, just to be disappointed.

This is actually cool and fits well…My hair is definitely falling out and didn’t ever expect to be able to hide it very well, This hat is usually a good price and the shipping was extremely swift –I paid a few extra dollars for faster shipping and I believe I got it the next day roughly…The dark blue is a good color especially if everything you own is black and you simply want a subtle change. If you are not really feeling well and do not want to visit default black, that is a lovely color and goes with everything, which means you really can’t go wrong. Note to self:investigate other colors.

It’s 100% cotton and I got it in black. Seemed the majority of my ball caps got logos around them. All I needed was a plain dark ball cap that suit well and was an excellent quality. They are difficult to find. That one could sell for more. It’s easy to adapt with a quality clasp. I anticipate investing in a few more.

Great price and fit. Sits in tradional ball cap style and bill is if not traditional then perhaps a bit longer. Material also traditional and color is really as pictured. Those seeking to draw ponytail through space in back at changeable buckle closure will not have to worry- perfect for that too!

This is a sleeper. With Primary the hat cost me significantly less than $6. I didn’t expect much for the purchase price. But, this is normally one of the better hats I’ve possessed.The adjustment is a cloth web through a buckle and the excess hides in a slot in the rim. Seconds to adjust no hanging materials to trim or burn.The materials is cloth, I believe cotton. I sprayed CampDry on it to safeguard against water and spots.Tha seams are solid. The fit and finish tight are. The color holds true black and has not bled against my sweaty brow, yet.I’m ordering another.

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