Best ever found Light-weight Handbag varied sizes and shapes

It’s a little larger than most bags I’ve owned but I look for that is hardly a problem. A make-up is carried by me bag, full-size wallet, tablet, my telephone, two chargers, legal files, and still have room for whatever extras I might need to take with me on my out-and-about times. I’m 5ft 2 in tall, and the straps fit very across my shoulder nicely. Never have a issue with it even when fully loaded.

This is not a sponsored review or anything, paid and bought with my own pocket change lol. Im going on vacation next week and I needed something to just throw over my shoulder and this bag exceeded my targets big time. Pics mounted on see what I have in there currently.

Material seems like it shall hold up. Very roomy. Leading zipper pockets hold little items. I have cells in one, a little measuring tape in a single and gum in the third. The part pockets are excellent for sunglasses but could keep a small water bottle if the inside pockets are not stuffed full.

It is very nice looking and feels as though leather. I particularly didn’t want a handbag that would encourage me to place a whole lot of junk in it and this bag doesn’t. It keeps my wallet easily, phone and keys but it is not going to fit a bunch of bulky stuff. It has a zipper on the primary pocket so nothing at all will fallout and an outer pocket with a magnet snap that I stick my telephone in so I can grab it very easily. The strap isn’t too long. It is kept by me on the loosest hole and the purse hits me below the hip. I’m 5’3 tall.

This is a nice bag with lots of usage really. We find the black one since it goes with all of the dresses. The price can be under budget. The bag can be utilized as a shoulder bag. The strap can also be removed and adjusted. There is an extra strap included inside the bag.The bag has two big interior compartments and it could hold plenty of things . Because it provides two big interior compartments things could be individually organized inside this. It has 3 little zipper pockets in-front side and 1 in the relative back.

Not as cumbersome to transport as my older camera bag. It includes a little pocket for the storage cards so they don’t really get lost. However in case you have more than a handful of storage cards you might want to consider placing something in the bag to hold them. I needed something not large or too heavy and this is perfect. I also love red! And for all the people saying false advertising about it being leather, it does NOT say in the explanation that it’s leather anywhere.

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