Beautiful sparkle Jewellery and comfy on the ears

Absolutely beautiful and it hangs nicely it’s.It has the perfect weight.Received yet another chain also, a shorter length that was a lovely surprise!The metal work is clean and none of it looks cheap, although it should.That is a present however, and what I’m not happy about may be the presentation of the product.Everything about the product packaging is atrocious.Others have already posted photos here, so I won’t bother.I cannot give this as a present the real way they present this.

If an outfit screamed ‘pearls’, costume were sufficient.Looked the same if you ask me!I purchased these because they were thus affordable, to see how cultured pearls differed to fake mostly. I was surprised by both their excess weight and how cool they felt pleasantly!There is a very soft deep luster to them I appreciate.While I still like ‘shiny’ , I will wear my very own pearls extremely happily indeed!

Mine look exactly just like the picture.The only question I’ve is the small flowers are in clear Lucite and I wonder how bright the flowers will look on an ear with much longer dark hair behind.However they are very very much precisely like the picture in every fine detail.The ear wires don’t appear like this cheap stuff on some earrings so I think they won’t rust or tarnish at all.

It’s been 3.5 hours and my ears haven’t had a reaction which is crazy to me because any other earring I’ve tried my entire life possess affected my ears in five minutes!The burning starts and than my ears begin to get sore.We am amazed that I am in a position to wear these and because of this very long without any of those symptoms I get from wearing earrings.And for $8.00 that’s such a good deal!I am deeply in love with these plus they don’t look cheap either!

While these were described as orange plus they look orange, the pair I got is yellow, but that’s okay, b/c I needed a pair of yellow earrings anyway and had abadndoned finding a beautiful couple of yellow earrings.These are it!They are gorgeous and go beautifully with my yellow outfits.

Even the little card it’s attached to is unbecoming of the actual item.It’s an unusual problem to possess, as it’s more often than not the other way around!The merchandise is much better than the packaging!!!But I really believe the person I purchased this for will love it. I will have to completely redo everything, to make this not appear to be trash, but that’s okay, I guess.It’s a very nice piece that I would not mind putting on myself.

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