Basically perfect caps

The hat comes with an adjusting strap so it fits any big or small sized head. Super comfortable to the main point where I didn’t wish to remove it all day. I utilize it mainly when I drive in my car because my hair is short so that it whips around a whole lot in my face and eye when my home windows are down, so the hat inside contains everything. I also love how plain it is so it’s easy to decorate if I ever want to put a patch or some buttons onto it.

Excellent and inexpensive cap. It fits well, is comfy, and appears to be well made. The fabric may be the right weight for me personally too just. It is not overweight like canvas, and not too thin and cheap feeling. I would suggest this to anyone searching for a nice everyday hat.

Very light and comfy. It is a sizable hat. That’s exactly the reason I bought it, but I’d not really recommend it for people with little heads.I have been using it to workout outside in the Texas summer time for a couple months and it did the job perfectly.Could be washed easily beneath the sink and it dries relatively quickly.The adjustable band is of high quality and you don’t feel it when wearing the hat backwards.

Cute hat. Like the colour. It’s not like any of my other low profile hats though. That one bothers my ears. But the color and feel of brushed cotton make up for that. My husband says his is ok for a hat. (His is cute too, simply red instead of blue). I QUICKLY found this one. Low profile, not really vented, and black. The lack of it was made by a logo perfect.

I believe my hat size is approximately 7 1/4. The adjustable strap upon this relative head gives me play on either end. So I’d state I’m in the centre. Good stiff brim. Long plenty of for a few good shading. I acquired black because colors can be weird. One people red is another people burgundy. That is black, simple and plain. A low profile, which is good if it’s windy. Appears like a brass buckle in the back for adjusting. Stitched well. A very good price. Some years ought to be got by me from it.

I purchased this to use simply because a liner for my bicycle helmet. I don’t possess much hair left up top (as opposed to all of the bush on my chin) and the Florida sun comes through the helmet’s vents enough to trigger some sunburn, therefore i wanted some added security. I like having cotton — it’s going to get sweaty, but cotton washes well. And I sewed a cheap cotton handkerchief to the trunk of it — a la French Foreign Legion caps — to extend the security to my neck.

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