Awesome Wristwatches,heavy but not bulky

Nor do I wish to keep looking at my smartphone for the time.I function in a factory where it could obtain damaged or may easily obtain dirty/ scratched.THEREFORE I got this Casio view.It looks very nice for a $10 view.And Casio is a good brand for me.The one thing I don’t like is the plastic wraps feel flimsy.As if I bend it too much it’ll tear off.I believe I can replace them in case they do.

Significantly considering buying another and removing the battery therefore i will have a back up when I rip these band – I’m pretty physical rather than had a watch to die on me – I always break the bands after about a year.Superb design – works for me!Evening light, size, and shape gives it an aesthetic look and general it bodes very well for design.It doesn’t look geeky and will blend well over the spectrum of casual, gown, workout, or other attire.

The watch is very simple to adapt to set the right time and Date.The only problem I have is that the watch is bulky on the wrist.I purchased this item for the fitness center but it is not smooth against your wrist thus too fat for training.Although , I can’t use for working out, this watch is a great watch out for outdoor activities when I don’t want to use my good watch.

It really is light in weight however, not cheap or fake seeking. Includes a nice big round encounter and the wrist band is usually nice and wide/thick.I would in fact consider purchasing more of these as spares because the aesthetic to it really is so nice and appealing.Very contemporary look to it as well but includes a simple beauty to it as well.The face does rotate with the 4 squares it has.

Little to no harm on it.I purchased this watch because I had dropped mine at a concert a few weeks ago and I needed a new one.My previous view was a good watch I had gotten in the beginning of basic training when I joined in regards to a year back.So toughness is certainly a everyday factor in my life. But this watch has been keeping great up, it comes with a screen protector even.The only complaint I have if any may be the strap holder doesn’t lock straight down the strap too well etc occasion the strap will dangle loosely.

It’s Tiffany blue.I love its built-in USB plug style, so I don’t want extra charger for this, It’s awesome.Several main screen background settings.It equips all basic fitness tracker functions like heart rate, alarm and exercise record.I actually have got another famous sport brand fitness tracker which costed me personally about $100, but functions are such as this one.

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