Affordable and fun vegan Handbag

The mint color is exactly what I needed and the bag is indeed soft. I’ve gotten many compliments onto it. I am surprised at how much I can fit into its various compartments–all of my daily essentials and some! As you shall see in other testimonials, the lining fabric does have a tendency to capture in the zippers if you are not cautious, and the handbag has zero structure alone, so it appears kinda weird and floppy unless you carry enough stuff in it.

They are made so well and look so nice. I need a large purse as i have a complete lot of crap. My last purse hurt my shoulder so bag and when I put everything in my Heshe it had been like carrying a feather. Something about the design you don’t feel just like it’s weighty. I’m hoping that once you purchase so many you get yourself a free one! The purchase price seems a little very much but you are getting what you pay for. High quality leather with an excellent style and good colors. They’re not so bright they look inexpensive.?

I have been eyeballing this purse for a long time. I got a MK Jet Established Tote with one outside pocket that I have adored and has held up very well. I usually sensed like at least one more outside picket and a zipper best would make it perfect.The Bedford Tote may be perfect for me just. It is a little smaller than my other totes, which is ideal. It really is a little stiffer that allows it to stand up better also.

I usually go through purses every six months. This purse is well made, doesn’t feel inexpensive at all. I love how heavy the metal zipper pulls are, and the fabric inside feels nice and doesn’t obtain disgusting like my purse usually does. My only small complaint is sometimes the zipper on the trunk pocket gets caught inside fabric because it pulls out really very easily.

I also took this to a big convention the fair and it was perfect there too then. I really like the pocket on the trunk for my wallet or phone so it could be against me and relatively hidden in a situation with big crowds. As a bonus its cute and the colors are awesome also!

I love the tiny silver accents and the zippers in front allow for easy storage of little items. The within is roomy enough to match 2 water bottles, an extended wallet and much more which says alot. The side pockets will fit her cellular phone perfectly. I love how the vendor included a strap to create your purse much longer if that’s your liking. It shipped super fast as well,

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